Photo gallery for paco-soft-taco

-Pm to request a shoot

-Currently running specials on senior portraits

-$20 flat rate individual and two person shoots

-pm for larger group options and sails

  • thegoldman:

    -The Goldman’s AAC 2014 photoshoots

    I’m going to be doing something a little differently this year with scheduling. Im going to be hosting two different types of shoots throughout the course of the con

    standard photoshoot: $20 

    • maximum of 2 people
    • groups of three and larger will be charged $10 per person 
    • there will be 5 slots each day for a standard shoot
    • up to an hour of shooting time
    • schedual will run shoots at 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm and 5:00pm

    Shoots after 6: $10 

    • maximum of 2 
    • groups of three and larger will be charged $5 per person
    • unlimited slots
    • 5-10 minuets shooting time
    • because of the light loss experienced at this time these shoots will be indoors and hallway side
    • nothing outside (ill have lighting equipment is why)

    Any questions or concerns feel free to shoot me a message :) the shoots will go first come first serve.

    Ill also be hosting photoshoots pre con for boston area cosplayers who aren’t interested in waisting con time! Feel free to message me about these shoots as well!

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